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Dear Parents:


Welcome to the preschool programs offered by the School Board of DeSoto County and thank you for choosing to send your child to Desoto Early Childhood Center/ New Horizons Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten. This is a very important time for both you and your child. We are excited about sharing your child’s first experience at school.

Educational studies have proven that early intervention is a key indicator in a child’s future academic success as he/she transitions from grade to grade.  Our Early Childhood teachers will be working with your child on his/her cognitive (academic) development, language development, physical development – gross and fine motor, and social/emotional development. 

Communication between the home and the school is an essential part of our program. Monthly Newsletters/Calendars are given to the students to take home on a regular basis to provide timely information about the school program.  Please read the newsletters and weekly notes from teachers for important information and dates of upcoming workshops, Early Childhood events, and classroom activities.

The Early Childhood report card has a Physical Development/Gross Motor Skills section.  Early Childhood teachers will be evaluating components of movement, balance, and coordination, etc.  Thus, your child MUST wear gym shoes to school.  No sandals, flip flops, shoes with heels, boots, etc. should be worn.  Your child can not walk, run, and/or climb, etc. with shoes that have no support and cannot fully participate in the PE activities.  Additionally, washable play clothes are most appropriate for school wear.  In the Early Childhood Program there are many art activities which can cause the child to get paint, glue, etc. on his/her clothes. Thus, please dress your child accordingly. At DeSoto Early Childhood Center and New Horizons Pre-Kindergarten children are encouraged to think and to be creative. Our classrooms are filled with joy, love, understanding and encouragement.

 Welcome to our Early Childhood Programs!


Best regards,

Mrs. Phyllis M. Clemons