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Friday, September 09, 2016
Karla and Dania Making Bread
Karla and Dania Making Bread

This week the Owls classroom experimented with "sink and float". Students made predictions about each object and then we tested their predictions. Students were so excited when their predictions were correct. We created a chart to organize our results. Our class enjoyed the story "The Little Red Hen" this week as well. Students were surprised at the ending of the story when the Little Red Hen didn't share her bread. This lead to a class discussion that allowed students to share their thoughts regarding the Hen's decision. As an extension activity, we made bread as a class. Each student got to help make the bread either by pouring in ingredients or by kneading the dough. They were definitely much better helpers than the goose, cat, and dog from "The Little Red Hen" story. Of course, the best part, the students got to try their bread and they were very proud that they actually made it. 

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