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Bachelor's in Educational Studies

Florida Certification:

Pre-K - 3rd

Kg - 5th

Middle Grades Integrated 6th - 9th

ESE K-12


I have worked in the field of Exceptional Student Education for over 9 years.  I have enjoyed 6 wonderful years at DeSoto Early Childhood Center as an ESE/VPK/SR Classroom Teacher and look forward to several more years to come!


I am have been married over 16 years with 3 amazing sons, ages 5, 11, and 13.  My two older sons are both on the Autistic Spectrum scale.  Our journey, as a family, led me to the classroom. My personal experience, of being a parent of children with varying abilities, encourages me to give all my students the tools and the opportunities they need to learn.  I strive to provide a caring and loving environment that fosters learning through creativity and positive examples.  Every child can and should be given the opportunity to learn to their fullest potential!