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Supply List 

DeSoto Early Childhood Center




o   1 Kindermat - size 1”

o   1 King Size or Body Pillow Case to Cover Kinder mat

o   1 Child Size Blanket (Thin Fleece Is Good)

o   2 Boxes of Kleenex Tissues

o   2 Rolls of Paper Towels

o   1 Pack of Copy Paper

o   1 Bottle of Lysol Wipes

o   2 Cans of Lysol Spray

o   1 Pump Bottle of Germ-X

o   1 Box of Gallon Size Ziploc Bags (Girls)

o   1 Box of Quart Size Ziploc (Boys)

o   Backpack - large enough for blankets and 9x12 folder (Please send backpack daily)

o   Change of Clothes

(Please label all clothes and put in labeled gallon size zip lock bag.)